With Taste of Philly, your organization can raise funds

3 different ways!

For all Schools & Non-Profits:

1)  Concessions: Book us to come to your event or game.  You can choose between a Cheesesteak Cart, Hot Dog/Sausage Cart or Taco Cart.  You will earn 15% of all sales!

---Book a night with us & we will send a manager to approve the location.  Your organization will sell tickets before &/or during the event.  The customers will redeem their tickets at the cart during the event.  The amount of all sales minus 15% will either be charged to a pre-authorized credit card or they can pay cash for a designated amount up front, minus 15%.

2)  School night: Book a time, hand out flyers and earn 20% of all customer sales during that time. We will provide an editable image of our flyer or just the logo for you to use to print your own flyers.  A copy of the flyer must be emailed and approved by us before it can be distributed.

--Customers will use their flyer during the designated time.  Only customers with flyers will be able to get the 20% credit for your organization.  Handing out flyers in & around our location during the event will void the event.  A check will be mailed to your organization within 30 days of the end of the month

3)  Vouchers: Your organization earns up to $3.50 for every voucher you sell (value of each voucher is $8.50).  Customers can use these vouchers for take-out or delivery orders only.

--Your organization can either take orders and payment for vouchers ahead of time or order a designated amount @$5 each.  You can charge your customers any amount over $5.  Vouchers will be printed and available to be picked up or mailed within 2 weeks after they are ordered.

Fill out the form below or send an email to with your inquiry and contact information.  Please allow a minimum of a two week lead time (four weeks is preferred).

Any 501 organization must send in proof of

non-profit status before booking.


Fax: 727-845-4663

Fill Out This Form to Be Contacted: